We are a cliché group of anoraks gathered together by common interests to work on something through which we can express ourselves.

Hussein Bitaraf

Director - Conscientious, diligent, orderly, industrious and sympathetic.

Hussein Ghahri

Project manager - Calm, methodical, efficient and eccentric.

Behrang Khosravi

Writer/Community manager - Prankster, bold, investigative and restless.

Arash Ahaz

2D digital artist - Quiet, talented, inventive and awkward.

Masoud Moradi

2D Animator - Imaginative, quirky, polite and kind.

Reza Ghorbani

Game designer - Fidgety, assertive, confident and skilled.

Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh

Programmer - Punctual, competent and unfettered.

Sohrab Sepehri

Composer/ Sound Artist - Spirited, playful, practical and proficient.

Mohammad Bitaraf

Advisor - Humble, sensitive, courteous and insightful.